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During our events, not only can you meet great people, see great bikes and be a part of awesome races, you will create memories. 


There are many wonderful moments, which at times, not all people hear about. We want to hear your stories, anecdotes or fun things you experienced during our events, during practices, camping or while preparing to attend the races, etc....Send us your anecdote through our Contact page.


(Voted in on November 25, 2023)

Mark Fedorvich

Walter Cukavac

Hans Christensen

James Turner

Warren Kryko

2023 AGM Notes

As most of you are aware, we held our Annual General Meeting on November 25 and had an excellent turn out. Here is a quick over view of the meeting

  • Thank you’s and acknowledgements of sponsors and volunteers

  • Discussion of the past season

  • Financial report for 2023 season

  •  Vote for the board of directors. The existing board members will all be serving again in 2024 with the addition of one new member. We are happy to welcome Warren Krywko to the board.

  • Discussion of ideas for 2024 season

  • Reintroduction of Dale Aubin’s MVP trophy. The trophy was presented to Mark and Dawn Fedorvich and now they will present it to a worthy recipient at the end of next season.

(Voted in on November 26, 2022)

Mark Fedorvich

Walter Cukavac

Hans Christensen

James Turner

(Voted in on March 13, 2022)

Mark Fedorvich

Walter Cukavac

Hans Christensen

James Turner

2019 Most Valuable Person

November 09, 2019

Bill Arnold was the recipient of the MVP Award. He goes above and beyond and volunteers as our starter at almost all the events we have. He, and his dog, Lucky are great supporters of our club. In fact, Bill has purchased a club membership for over 6 years and he does not have a dirt bike. Great friend, and a great volunteer! This photo was taken at Super Dave's last fall.

VMX Alberta Hits the Local Paper

July 19, 2019

A recent cancellation due to wet conditions finally brought us out to Dorva MX Park in Drumheller. In doing so, the local paper was there to talk to some of the club veterans and snap some pictures! Click on the photo for the article itself from the Drumheller Mail, good stuff!

2018 Most Improved Rider/Most Valuable Person

November 03, 2018

This year's recipient is David Wilkie, an all around great guy, generous and always the first to offer to help. His riding skills have improved over the year and we have noticed. Dale Aubin, David is looking forward to putting your work of art in his home for a year.

Click below to see a video of the MIR/MVP revealed!

Edmonton Bike Show

January 12, 2018

We had a great looking booth at the bike show.


Thank you to all who braved the -35 weather to deliver their bikes to Northlands and for all of the club members who took the time to work a shift over the weekend.


There were several pamphlets handed out and we received a few more emails to add to our email group. 

Thank you all for the support!

Steen Hansen, Club President for 3 years, Retires

January 06, 2018

Seldom do I get to make an announcement as important as this to our club. If you remember, our President Steen Hansen, started this club in a show of hands in a field one fall at Wild Bills track. In a few brief years​ we ha​ve​ grown to a club of over 60 members, possibly the largest MX club in all of Canada.

​Steen announced today that he is retiring now that the club is up and running. In his wisdom, Steen has proudly named our own Michelle Grier as our new President! Along with that, he has asked the enthusiastic Todd Westly to join the now 4 person executive of Michelle, Hugh,Todd and myself.


I​ cannot think of 2 more perfect candidates for the positions...what with Michelle's organizational and communication skills and Todd's pure love of Motocross and ​eagerness​ to always help.


Both have expressed a​ willingness to​ help continu​e​ to run the club with Stee​n's vision​ of fun and friendly vintage motocross as a priority.


Please take a moment from your busy days to maybe make a personal phone call or send an email to: thank him for his lifetime commitment to motocross and for starting and running this awesome mx club thank her for all of her work in photography, show presentations, website administration and now accepting the position of President

​Todd...for being ​willing to step up and assist in the running of this great club with all of his fantastic motocross and personal skills

In order that we properly honour the service of Steen as past president, he is awarded a lifetime honorary membership in the club. A plaque commemorating same was given to our chief today! 


Looking forward to continued success in 2018!

Mitch and Hugh

Don Galloway Cycle Works

December 14, 2017

Congratulations to Don Galloway of Cycle Works on their recent acquisition of Scona Cycle Honda. Wilf Brooks at United Cycle presented Don Galloway with a photo collage of Rudy Zacsko and his family at Rudy's Appreciation Night.

Rudy Zacsko's Appreciation Night

December 14, 2017

Rudy Zacsko was honoured last night for the 49 years he dedicated to Scona Cycle Honda and for his presence in the cycle industry in Edmonton. Many gathered to wish him well on his well deserved retirement. We wish him all the best!

2018 Vintage Roost Calendar

November 04, 2017

Michelle Grier at Vintage Roost has put together a 2018 Calendar which highlights some of the photos she has taken during the 2017 VMX AB season and showcases club members and their vintage bikes in action.

This high quality 2018 calendar was created by Apple, the thick pages measure 10 x 13, is coil bound and includes over 60 pictures of 2017 Events of VMX Alberta!

It's a great keepsake for all MX enthusiasts.

The pre-orders are complete, thank you all for your support. Those of you who have expressed interest will be receiving your calendars soon. 

2017 VMX Alberta Video Presentation - compiled By Michelle Grier, owner of Vintage Roost

November 04, 2017

Thanks to the VMX AB VIP's; Steen Hansen, President, Hugh McCourt, Treasurer and Mitch Brown, Secretary for another successful Annual Banquet.

I presented this video which captures the pictures and videos I took at the 2017 VMX Alberta events throughout the season. Hans, Adam and Jason also provided a couple of clips of vintage iron in SLO-MO action, so wicked! Thanks for the submission guys! I hope you all enjoyed the video, it was fun putting it together!



Michelle Grier

VMX AB 2017 - Trophy Recipient

November 04, 2017

This year at the banquet, our esteemed leader and Club President, Steen Hansen, was chosen as the recipient of Dale Aubin's trophy (created in 2015) for Most Improved Rider. This trophy has also been assigned to club members who make a difference and impact our sport and club.


After years of participating in motocross events around the world and as an overall bike enthusiast, Steen Hansen has been a presence in this sport! His drive and dedication created the club as it is today, and his three years of service as President do not go unnoticed. We appreciate his passion and commitment to keeping this club active and relevant.

Congratulations Steen for all the work that you do to keep us riding our vintage bikes!

2016 VMX Alberta Video Presentation - November 5, 2016 Banquet By Michelle Grier

November 05, 2016

We had another successful Banquet this year again, thanks again to the re-elected Club VIP's:

Steen Hansen, President

Hugh McCourt, Treasurer

Mitch Brown, Secretary

We look forward to the 2017 season and hope to see you all at the meeting to be announced in early February.


Like last year, a Video compilation of the photos taken throughout the 2016 VMX Alberta Season. The clip is on YouTube and is about 30 minutes long. Turn up the speakers, grab a beverage and enjoy.

Due to music copyright, can be viewed on laptops, PC's and some smart tablets not  smartphones.

2017 Vintage Roost Calendar

November 05, 2016

At the 2016 VMX Alberta Banquet, Vintage Roost revealed a fundraising calendar. It highlights photos taken during the 2016 season and showcases vintage bikes and their riders in action and at their best.

This high quality 2017  calendar was created by Apple, the thick pages measure 10 x 13, is coil bound and includes 56 pictures of 2016 Events of VMX Alberta!

Canada Goes Vintage - VMX Australia Magazine Article from Issue #43

November 05, 2016

The beginning slides of the 2016 VMX Alberta Video Presentation refers to an article about the club in the 2010 VMX Australia Magazine, Issue #43...Here is the article.

Most Improved Rider

November 05, 2016

Dale Aubin  created this trophy last year and this year's recipient for Most Improved Rider goes to Jason Christensen. Jason's skills are well documented in the 2016 photos, and we all find it amazing that his bikes of choice date back to the early 60's. He has mastered riding these vintage bikes, whether they have a left or right shifter! 

Congratulations JASON, well deserved!

Multimedia Expert Award

November 05, 2016

Dale Aubin thrilled us all with another wicked trophy creation which he presented to Michelle Grier for the Multimedia Expert 1st VMXAB 2016! By putting the "1st", I believe he is hinting at more to come!

He approached her husband Glen months ago for a Can Am piston and shock and applied his talent once again, including the use of lighting! Her nephew David already named it, Castburn!

Well done Dale! Congratulations Michelle!

Best Rider - Spedden Award

August 28, 2016

Corey Gooden, the track owner at Spedden, hands off an award for Best Rider at the track for that day. This year the award went to a new club member, William Highbaugh.

Congratulations WILLIAM!

Vintage Spotlight - Stan Currington, Canadian MX Champion

August 03, 2016

We've added an article from the MX and Off-Road Summer 2016 Issue showing our own club member, Stan Currington, Canadian MX Champion in the Vintage Spotlight of their magazine.

Can Am Modifications Bulletin

July 10, 2016

Glen Grier and I can across a race bulletin from Tract Equipment referring to Can Am modifications for T. Gaetz and Stan Currington's race bikes. Don Galloway is mentioned as well in this 1978 document. Finally, some trade secrets!

Bump Event - Paul C.

June 19, 2016

Paul Crocombe  took this video from Bump on June 19, 2016.

Bump Event

June 19, 2016

Peter Hone took this video from Bump on June 19, 2016.

Season Opener Devil's Lake

May 01, 2016

Another video from Paul...

Season Opener - Devil's Lake MX

May 01, 2016

Paul Crocombe provided this video, along with several photos, thank you for the input, we sure appreciate it!

Annual General Meeting Banquet

November 07, 2015

The Annual Banquet was a great success and a great time was had by all. A big shout out goes to our club VIP's for organizing this event and providing us with a great season of racing. Thank you to all who helped make this club a success throughout 2015.


We are proud to announce the re-election of the following VIP's, we look forward to another great racing season in 2016!


Steen Hansen, President

Hugh McCourt, Treasurer

Mitch Brown, Secretary


The Vintage MX Alberta 2015 Season Presentation Video was shown at the banquet. This video demonstrates the club members' enthousiasm and great riding shots were taken throughout the year. If you want a feel for the club, check it out, it definitely captures the club's spirit and the love for the sport.

Steen and Marion Hansen inducted to the Motocross Hall of Fame, Competitor and Contributor in 2014

June 06, 2015

Our club president, Steen and his wife, Marion were inducted in the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2014 as a Competitor and Contributor.

Click on the photo for more information.

Helmet Cam Footage from Calgary

June 28, 2015

Here is cam footage from one of our racers at the Wildrose Motocross Calgary track.

Bump Track Drone Footage

June 07, 2015

This is a great video captured by a drone during one of our races in the summer of 2015. 

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