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125 CC Vintage Class

250 CC Vintage Class

500 CC Vintage Class

125 CC TransAMA Class

250 CC TransAMA Class

500 CC TransAMA Class

125 CC Evo Class

250 CC Evo Class

500 CC Evo Class

G.P. Class

NextGen Class 

Ladies Open Class


Vintage Class

Generally described as motocross bikes having twin or mono-shock suspension (no linkage and basically 7" front travel and 4" rear travel), air cooled engines and no disc brakes, Generally 1974 and like model years.


TransAMA Class

Includes the first generation of longer travel suspension,  generally 75-77.   Forward mounted shocks, and laid down  shocks,  travels limited to 9 inches front and back.  


Evo Class


As above, but without the suspension travel length restrictions. Generally 1978 to 1982 and like models.  Linkage is not permitted, Inverted forks are not permitted. No liquid cooled engines or disk brakes.  


GP Class


Constitutes more modern machines (1983 to 1987) and allows linkage, Front disc brake and water cooled engines.   Rear drum brake,  no hydraulic rear disc brakes. 

NextGen Class


Includes 1988 up to 1998 steel frame construction, linkage, disc brakes and water cooled engines,  and like models. 

Ladies Open Class

This includes any bike legal in any other class, ranging from Vintage Class all the way up to NextGen.

Plus 20 Class

This  class includes all dirtbikes 20 years old or older.  For 2024, any bike up to a 2004 will be eligible. There is no “an the like” rule in this class.

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