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Club Membership


Annual Membership:  $150

Day Membership: $50

We encourage all who are interested to purchase their memberships prior to the events. We are trying to streamline the process and to reduce the amount of paperwork at our events. Of course, memberships can always be obtained on an event day at the registration table.

To get your annual membership early, send an e-transfer to the club's email address;, no password is necessary and the funds are deposited in the club's bank account. Once payment is received, you can pick up your membership card at the next club event, check the registration table.

Memberships can also be obtained by the Club VIP's in person.

Annual membership in the club means that you only have to pay the event fee at each race.  The event fee is used in part to pay the track owners as well as provide first aid or paramedic services. 

Event DAY Fees - $50 per member

                        -    $100.00 for non-members ($50 day race fee and $50 day membership)

NOTE: You can ride in as many of the classes as you qualify for the day.  For information on applicable classes please see the Points page.

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