New Club Information - Effective 2022

About Us

Vintage MX Alberta is a non-profit motocross enthusiast club that holds motocross events at a wide variety of tracks in Alberta. These tracks currently include Dorva, Calgary Wildrose MX Park, Super Dave's,  Alix Xtreme Raceways, Bump, along with some private tracks like Chad's track and Mark 3 (locations shared via EMAIL only to protect their privacy). 

Our goal is for riders to interface with others in the motocross community. We focus on the riding, the technical and the social aspects of the sport. We share a love of VINTAGE motocross bikes, 1998 and older (see class breakdown below), and share information on building, maintaining and riding these bikes.

As a club, we are always open to suggestions, and welcome any help that individuals or groups may be able to provide. Our intention is to create a positive public image for both the club and the sport. We inspire to have a good time and want to be known as "Canada's Friendliest and LARGEST Motocross Club". 


Membership for the year is $120.00


Memberships can always be obtained at our events' registration table.

Send an e-transfer to the club's email address;, no password is necessary and the funds are deposited in the club's bank account.


Once payment is received, you can pick up your membership card at the next club event, check the registration table.

Memberships can also be obtained by the VIP's in person (see list below).

We encourage all who are interested to purchase their memberships prior to the events. We are trying to streamline the process and to reduce the amount of paperwork at our events. 

Event DAY fees - $40 per member

                        - $80.00 for non-members ($40 day membership/$40 day membership)

NOTE: You can attend as many of the classes as you qualify for the day.


125 CC Vintage Class

250 CC Vintage Class

500 CC Vintage Class

125 CC TransAMA Class

250 CC TransAMA Class

500 CC TransAMA Class

125 CC Evo Class

250 CC Evo Class

500 CC Evo Class

G.P. Class

NextGen Class 

Ladies Open Class


Vintage Class

Generally described as motocross bikes having twin or mono-shock suspension (no linkage and basically 7" front travel and 4" rear travel), air cooled engines and no disc brakes, Generally 1974 and like model years.


TransAMA Class

Includes the first generation of longer travel suspension,  generally 75-77.   Forward mounted shocks, and laid down  shocks,  travels limited to 9 inches front and back.  


Evo Class


As above, but without the suspension travel length restrictions. Generally 1978 to 1982 and like models.  Linkage is not permitted, Inverted forks are not permitted. No liquid cooled engines or disk brakes.  


GP Class


Constitutes more modern machines (1983 to 1987) and allows linkage, Front disc brake and water cooled engines.   Rear drum brake,  no hydraulic rear disc brakes. 

NextGen Class


Includes 1988 up to 1998 steel frame construction, linkage, disc brakes and water cooled engines,  and like models. 

Ladies Open Class

This includes any bike legal in any other class, ranging from Vintage Class all the way up to NextGen

Position - Points


  • Points will be awarded according to each moto finish, without regard to a rider’s overall performance for the day. 

  • There are 3 Points Events during the year, Xtreme Raceway, Alix, AB, Wildrose MX Park, Calgary, and Bump, Busby, AB.

  • The Provincial Champions will be declared for each class by a tally of points.

  • These events run exactly the same as our regular events with the only difference being we will be keeping score, same fun, same friendly riding environment.

  • A rider will receive points if he or she is the sole class competitor.


The following points are awarded for each moto placing. 


  1. 20 points

  2. 16 points

  3. 13 points

  4. 11 points

  5. 10 points

  6. 9 points

  7. 8  points

  8. 7 points

  9. 6 points

  10. 5 points

  11. 4 points

  12. 3 points

  13. 2 points

  14. 1 points   

Equipment Required


It is the responsibility of the rider to select approved helmet, boots, gloves, goggles and apparel which will provide appropriate protection. Riders must rely on their own judgement in the selection of any helmet and apparel for durability and safety. Open-face helmets are permitted; mouth guards are recommended. 

Club VIP'S

NEW BOARD OF DIRECTORS (Voted in on March 13, 2022)

Mark Fedorvich

Walter Cukavac

Hans Christensen

James Turner